Broad Fencing — Domestic panel, closeboard, agricultural stock fencing, wire; Softwood and hardwood gates; Tree planting; Coppicing

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Fencing services

Our experience ensures that all our fencing is built to last from good quality materials from trusted suppliers. We can advise on bespoke garden projects as well as standard fencing installations and the best types of materials to use.

Types of fencing we offer: close-board, panels, trellis, pickets and palisade, post and rail, stock fencing, rabbit netting, chain-link, hazel and willow hurdles.

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Contract Fencing East Anglia Contract Fencing Suffolk
  • Park railings with hardwood estate gate, Essex
  • Closeboard panel fence, Sudbury, Suffolk
  • Garden fence, Sudbury, Suffolk
  • Cleft chestnut post and rail and gates
  • Contemporary interwoven panel
  • Pressure creosoted closeboard fence, Halstead, Essex
  • Woven Hazel Fencing, Halstead, Essex
  • Oak picket fencing Suffolk and Essex
  • Tall palisade with scollop tops
  • Larch lap panels
  • Post and rail with stock netting
  • Bespoke half-round fencing
  • Willow hurdles with dog proof gates
  • Stock fencing, Essex
  • Galvanised chainlink
  • Removeable post and chain
  • Post and top rail with horse netting
  • Decking and picket fence in pond
  • Closeboard panel garden fencing
  • Post and rail contract fencing, Essex
  • Picket fencing, Essex
  • Post and rail contract fencing, Suffolk
  • Closeboard panel fencing
  • V-mesh security fence
  • Post and rail contract fencing, Essex
  • Half-round post and rail
  • Closeboard fence timber
  • Picket fence
  • Closeboard panels with timber posts
  • Closeboard fence with concrete recessed posts